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How to Map with Existing 11street Listings

You have existing products in 11street before sign up Unicart store? No worries, Import Matching is used to map existing Unicart products to existing 11street listings. Import Matching is required to perform when you have created products first in 11street without syncing from Unicart. Then, you will need to do Import Matching so that products are mapped between 11street and Unicart, inventory will be updated in Unicart automatically when 11street orders sync to Unicart.

Step 1: Set up 11street Integration
Step 2: Import Matching

Step 1: Set up 11street Integration

1. Login to 11street Seller Office, click 11street registered email address and select Seller Details.

2. Click Request API Service button and copy Unique Key.

3. Login to Unicart Admin Panel, navigate to Marketplaces and click 11street Sync.

4. Enable Sell On 11street and paste the Unique Key.

5. Enable Sync Order to auto sync 11street order to Unicart.

6. Enable Update Stock to get 11street inventory auto updated when there is order triggered in Unicart.

7. Order Sync Back Remark is the remark of 11street order. CompletedProcessed or Processing is recommended.

8. Hit Save button to start using New 11street Sync.

Step 2: Import Matching

Main Product Matching

1. Navigate to 11street Seller Office, click Product Management and choose Product Info Management.

2. Copy Product Number or Download full Details in Excel to view a list of 11street Product Number.

3. Navigate to 11street Sync in Unicart Admin Panel, click More icon on top right and choose CSV Export Product to Export.

4. Open downloaded Unicart 11street Sync CSV file, paste the Product Number in 11street Product Number column and Save.

5. Back to New 11street Sync, click More icon from top right, and select CSV Import Matching.

6. Choose the updated Unicart 11street Sync CSV file and Import.

7. Seller Product Code is not a mandatory field in 11street. In order to get product mapped and inventory update, kindly ensure Seller Product Code is inserted in 11street same as in Unicart’s SKU.

Unicart Product:

11street Product:

Product Variant Matching

Variant Matching is used when you provide variations of the mapped product between Unicart and 11street. As long as Variant Name and Variant SKU are same on both Unicart and 11street, it will be mapped automatically.

One Variant Type

In Unicart:

In 11street:

Multiple Variant Type

In Unicart:

In 11street:

Please ensure that Variant Name is inserted with / as divider of multiple option types in 11street Seller Office.

After that, you may proceed to:

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