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7. Customers

How to Add Customer Groups

Customer Group enables you to categorize your customers by type, to offer specific things to certain customers. Especially when you have different discounts and prices for different customers, you can use Customer Group to aggregate your customers. For example, you have 3 different prices which are Customer price, Staff price and Reseller price. You can create additional 2 customer groups named Staff and Reseller. The

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How to Import / Export Customers in CSV File

You can import your existing customers’ data to use in your Unicart store and also export your customers’ details for back up purpose. Importing CustomersExporting Customers Importing Customers 1. Navigate to Customers page, click More icon and choose Import. 2. Click Sample CSV button to download Unicart’s Customers CSV format. 3. Open the downloaded sample Customers CSV file via Open Office. Download Open Office. 4. Ensure the settings are correct especially Character

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How to Add and Manage Customer Account

After customers place order on your Unicart store, customer details will be stored to Customer List. You can manage customer account from Unicart Admin Panel. Add Customer Approve Customer Edit Customer View Customer Transaction Disable Customer Delete Customer   Add Customer Besides customers sign up on your Unicart store, you can also create customer account from Unicart Admin

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How to Bulk Update Customer Group

Customer Group enables you to set membership levels to offer different benefits to different types of customers. When you have many customers to update Customer Group, you can use CSV file to bulk update Customer Group with ease. Step 1: Export Customers ListStep 2: Bulk Update Customer Group in CSVStep 3: Import Customers List Step 1: Export Customers List 1. Navigate

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