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How to Map with Existing Lazada Listings

Some sellers have already selling in Lazada before sign up Unicart store. Existing Lazada listings are required to map with Unicart products in order to have linkage between Lazada and Unicart. Instead of deleting all Lazada listings and perform product syncing, you can do product mapping in Unicart. Then, when Lazada orders sync to Unicart, Unicart is able to recognize which Unicart product inventory to get updated.

Step 1: Set up Lazada Integration
Step 2: Product Mapping

Step 1: Set up Lazada Integration

Lazada Email and API key are required to establish connection between your Unicart store and Lazada account.

1. Login to Unicart Admin Panel, navigate to Marketplaces and choose New Lazada Sync.

2. Click HERE link to get Lazada Code.

3. Select Malaysia as your Lazada account country, fill in your Lazada account email and password, click Sign in and authorize button to allow Unicart to access to your Lazada Seller Center.

4. Copy Lazada Code and paste in Lazada Code field from Unicart’s Lazada Sync.

5. Enable Sync Order to auto sync Lazada order to Unicart.

6. Enable Update Stock to get Lazada inventory auto updated when there is order triggered in Unicart.

7. Order Sync Back Remark is the remark of Lazada order. CompletedProcessed or Processing is recommended.

8. Hit Save button to start using New Lazada Sync.

Note: Lazada Code will be expired in every 180 days according to Lazada New API. Please reauthorize Lazada Code before expiry date to ensure the success of Lazada product, order and inventory sync.

Step 2: Product Mapping

Lazada is using SKU to do the product mapping with Unicart. As long as Lazada products and Unicart products are having the same SKU, they will be mapped automatically.

1. If the product has no variant, ensure that Unicart Product Main SKU is having the same value with Lazada Product SKU.

2. If the product has variant in Unicart, ensure that Unicart Product Variant SKU is having the same value in Lazada Product SKU.

Here is the sample of mapping product with variants.

In Unicart:

In Lazada:

After that, you may proceed to:

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