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Start-Up Guide: How to Start Managing Your UniCart Store

Step 1: Login to Unicart Admin Panel

After you sign up with a Unicart plan, you will receive an email from us with your Unicart store credential.

  • Unicart Store URL
  • Unicart Admin Panel URL
  • Username
  • Password

Login to your Unicart Admin Panel with provided credential and you can start managing your Unicart store.

Step 2: Intro to Unicart

There are few things you need to know before you start.

1. Bandwidth (Click your Name from top right on Dashboard page)

Bandwidth is the actual amount of data transferred through your Unicart store at one time. The image you uploaded to Unicart store, there is an amount of data required to load when someone visits your Unicart store.

Bandwidth amount came with the package you signed up. It will be renewed automatically at beginning of every month. When your bandwidth finishes used up before renewal, you may land up making your Unicart store unavailable for the visitors. Then, you have to contact us to upgrade your plan to enjoy more bandwidth.

If your bandwidth consumed a lot, congratulation, it means there is traffic on your Unicart store.

2. Clear Cache

Cache is used to store your site data which help to load your online store faster. Each time you make changes in Unicart Admin Panel, click Clear Cache from left panel to reflect on your Unicart online store.

3. Help

Lost somewhere and don’t know how to use? We have a very comprehensive tutorials guide at Support Center, click Help from left panel, search topic to help you on managing your Unicart store. Contact our support team if you are unable to find the topic and we will assist you further.

Step 3: Configure General Settings

Configure your basic site preferences, and control how you Unicart store is displayed.

Step 4: Set up Payment Method

There are 2 types of Payment methods to enable on your Unicart store. Activate at least one payment method to receive payment.

  • Offline Bank Transfer: Publish your bank account details and customers will manually transfer money to your bank account.
  • Online Payment Gateway: Integrate with one Payment Gateway to instantly collect payment from customers. We can integrate with iPay88eGHLMOLPayMaybank2u Pay, senangPay, and Paypal.
Step 5: Set up Shipping Method

Unicart has 6 ways to fulfill delivery to customers of the products they purchased from your Unicart store.

  1. Get shipping rate from at least 2 courier service providers.
  2. Find the most suitable shipping method in Unicart and configure.

Tips: Most of the merchants are using Weight Based Shipping 2Flat Rate or Free Shipping to encourage customers to buy more from you.

Pos Laju Domestic and International Air Parcel Rate are the present shipping rate in Weight Based Shipping 2 which you may use as shipping method on your Unicart store.

Step 6: Add New Product
  1. Preparing Image: Go through image recommendation to ensure it meets the market requirement.
  2. Are you an existing marketplace seller? Create Products to map existing marketplace listings.
  3. Else, Add New Product to sell.

No products to sell? Use Kumoten Dropship instead.

Step 7: Sell on Marketplaces (for Unicart Pro plan and above)

After uploading products, sync them to marketplaces to generate sales first.

Discover more guidance for other marketplaces sync.

Step 8: Manage Webstore Layout & Content

Build your own unique layout easily.

  • Layout Manager: Design your unique store layout easily.
  • Change Template: Find the template that suits your business the best.
  • Manage Menu: Arrange your Unicart store’s menu to have a good navigation website.

Basic article templates are given for your reference. To let your customers know how your business works, please edit them. Read Guidance

  • About Us
  • FAQ
  • Privacy Policy
  • Return & Refund Policy
  • Terms & Conditions

Find more guidance to manage your Unicart store better.

Step 9: Ready to Go Live!

Congratulations! Your Unicart store is now ready to go live! Now you may act as a customer to place an order on your Unicart store to ensure customers are having good buying experience.