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Lazada Order Fulfillment for Kumoten Dropshipper Account

Hooray, you got an order! This tutorial will explain how to fulfill your orders.

1. Login to your Lazada account view the orders.

2. Login to your Kumoten account to view the orders.

*Your orders will auto push in into Kumoten account. Please ensure you have enough credit in Kumoten allowed system auto place order. Learn more… Topup Credit

3. After login to Kumoten, click My Orders button on left menu bar. This action will open all your orders on Kumoten. As can be seen, Lazada orders have been Paid and Fulfilled automatically.

4. Click on the Action button at the end of the row to view your order status.

5. In order status bottom right, you will see the order tracking number. 

Bravoooo! So, What next?

How do I differentiate Seller-Own & Seller Pos Laju?

Seller-OwnSeller Pos Laju

-If the tracking cannot be tracked on PosLaju tracking website after 4 working days, very likely the delivery is done by other courier service providers. 

-This does not happen very often unless the item are sensitive items such as batteries.

-Select “Seller Own” if you see the tracking URL in Kumoten is NOT

-After you have updated Ready-To-Ship using Seller Fleet option.

-Seller Pos Laju refers to the last mile delivery is completed by Pos Laju.

-In most cases, you should choose “Seller Pos Laju” when updating “Ready-To-Ship” with the tracking ID provided by Kumoten.

-If the tracking ID can be tracked on Pos Laju Track after 3-4 working days, then select “Seller Pos Laju” otherwise, select “Seller Fleet”.

-This option automatically updates Lazada on the delivery status. And once item reaches buyer, it will automatically update status to delivered.

1. Copy the tracking and trace. Click Learn more 

Example 1 – No record found in Pos Laju system after the parcel arrived in Malaysia

Last Mile Delivery By LWE Logistic

Example 2 – Tracking status updated in Pos Laju system

Last Mile Delivery By Pos Laju

After confirmed your Lazada order, kindly follow the instructions below to complete the order fulfillment:

Step 1: Update “Ready To Ship”
Step 2: Choose a “Delivery Provider”
Step 3: Insert Tracking ID

Step 1: Update “Ready To Ship”

Click “Ready to Ship” button to confirm the order. 

Note: Please ensure the parcel arrive in Malaysia, before click the “Ready To Ship” button.

Step 2: Choose a “Delivery Provider”

Select “Seller Own” or “Seller PosLaju” and click “Create Package” button.

*Please select Seller-Own for Kerry ExpressCity-link, and others.

Step 3: Insert Tracking ID

Paste the tracking number in the column and click “Save Tracking ID”

For Any Further Inquiries:
1. Lazada Support Centre – Click here
2. Kumoten Customer Support – Click here
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