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How to Manage Product Categories

Group your products into category based on shared characteristics to make customers find your products easily in your Unicart store.


1. Navigate to Products page, click Add Product button or click existing product to edit.

2. On General tab, find Categories from Grouping box on right side.

3. Click (+) Category button and enter category name.

4. You can drag the category to main category to become sub category.

5. You may simply Right click the category to CreateRename or Delete.

6. Navigate to Products page, click More icon on top right and choose Categories.

7. Ensure status is enabled to publish the category on your Unicart store.

8. Click the category name to edit.

9. Enter number in Sorting field to arrange sequence of the category in ascending order to be displayed.

10. Browse category image if you wish to display category image on your Unicart store. (Optional)


11. Enter Description about what you going to sell in this category. (Optional)

12. You may perform SEO on category page using SEO KeywordPage Title and Meta Tag Description. (Optional)

Note: SEO Keyword and Page Title are auto generated based on category name.

13. Click Save button on top right.

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