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How to Make Your UniCart Store Mobile Friendly

More and more consumers shop online on their mobile phone because they can place orders anytime and anywhere in such a convenient way. To increase your mobile conversion rate, it encourages to have a mobile friendly store.

There are 2 things to consider while managing your store layout.


To make your Unicart store mobile responsive, it is advisable to use our mobile-friendly template.

Learn more about how to change template.

If you are using our old template which is not mobile-friendly, it recommends to enable SG Mobile Template option which is specially designed for our old non mobile-friendly templates.

Learn more about how to set up SG Mobile Template.


Sometimes, you may notice that your store images or banners look perfect in desktop view. When it turns to mobile view, they are oversized in mobile screen and require you to scroll them to the right in order to view full image.

Here is the tip for you to make your images fit nicely on mobile screen.

1. On the rich text editor, right click the image and select Image Properties.

2. Insert 100% for image width and leave height blank.

3. Click OK button and Save button (if necessary).

After you have applied the changes, try to check your Unicart store across different devices to ensure it is mobile-friendly.

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