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How to Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to track traffic of your Unicart store. It provides reports of your Unicart store performance such as the number of visitors, the most visited pages, the active time of visitors, the country of visitors, the traffic sources and etc. Using Google Analytic, you can know your customers better and optimize your Unicart store to increase conversions and sales.


1. Register a Google Analytics account with Google account (Gmail).

2. Fill in the required fields and click Get Tracking ID button.

3. Choose your Country and click I Accept button to agree to Google Analytics Terms of Service.

4. Click Admin from bottom left panel, click Tracking Info and choose Tracking Code.

5. Copy Tracking ID and Google Analytics Code.

6. Login to your Unicart Admin panel, navigate to Apps, click Add More Apps button and install Google Analytic.

7. Paste the Tracking ID and Code.

8. Click Save button on top right.

Note: Google Analytics can take up to 24 hours to process data to ensure its accuracy.

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