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How to Fulfill Orders and Update Tracking Number

When your customer places an order, you have to pack a parcel and ship it to the customer. At the same time, update a tracking number of the parcel to provide a convenient way for your customer to track the order shipment status on your Unicart store.


1. Navigate to Orders page and click the Order ID you want to fulfill.

2. Click Add button from Fulfillment box.

3. Enter the number of quantity is fulfilled.

4. Update Tracking Number and select Courier Company.

5. You may leave a message in Remark field to inform the customer.

6. Tick Notify Customer option and click Submit button, customer will receive an email notification regarding the tracking information of the order.

7. Without ticking Notify Customer option, your customer will also receive the tracking information by login to the account on your Unicart store.


8. Click Mark as Completed to complete the order.

9. You may send an official order fulfillment email by using default email template and enter Courier Service and Tracking Number or edit to your own style.

10. Else, tick Do not notify customer to not send email to customer and for updating order status purpose only.

11. Click Deliver and Complete order button to update order status and send email (if applicable).

Useful App:

Introducing a new app called where you and your customers can track the latest delivery status of the parcel on your Unicart store.

1. Navigate to Apps page, click Add More Apps button and install app.

2. Enable the status of the app and click Save button.

3. Tracking button is available to click and track the order shipment status in customer account.

4. Tracking button is also available in the particular order from Unicart Admin Panel.

5. Click the Tracking button, you and your customers can trace the latest delivery status of the parcel easily on your Unicart store.

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