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How to Create Slide Show / Change Slider Images

Once shoppers lands on your Unicart store, the first thing attracts them is the Big Slide Show. So, design a good quality and attractive banner, make use of Slide Show to tell your shoppers the benefits to shop on your Unicart store, the featured products or important announcement.

Step 1: Design Nice Banner
Step 2: Upload Banner from Local Device
Step 3: Add Banner
Step 4: Assign Banner to Slide Show

Step 1: Design Nice Banner

Different templates have its own slide show dimension. In order to fit your banner nicely to the template you use, it recommends to design a banner according to the slide show dimension of the template.

To know your slide show dimension, you can always visit the demo site and check out the recommendation from the slide show image.

You can also find it in your Unicart Admin Panel by going to Webstore, choose Layout Manager and edit Slide Show module.

Step 2: Upload Banner from Local Device

Banner with large file size and dimension is required to upload via Image Manager.

Step 3: Add Banner

1. Navigate to Webstore and choose Banners.

2. Click Add Banner button, enter Banner Name and enable status.

3. Click Add Banner button.

Title*: Enter the banner name.
Link: Insert URL link if you wish to redirect customers to the desired page after clicking the banner.
Image*: Click Browse and add the banner uploaded from Image Manager. Double-click the banner to apply.
Arrow: Arrange the sorting of the banner by controlling down and up button.
Remove: Delete the banner.

4. Click Save button once you finish adding banners.

Step 4: Assign Banner to Slide Show

1. Navigate to Webstore and choose Layout Manager.

2. Slide Show module exists in your layout by default. Click Edit icon.

3. Else, drag Slide Show module to the position you want to display and click Edit icon.

4. Enter the amount of time in second to switch to the next banner.

5. Select the Banner created.

6. Insert the slide show dimension to display on your Unicart store. The recommendation of slide show dimension displays based on the template activated.

7. Click Save button.


Congratulations! You have learned to update Slide Show images in your Unicart store.

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