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How to Apply Discount Countdown Timer

Discount Countdown Timer allows you to create a sense of urgency to your promotion and improve conversion. It will display for discounted products with remaining promotion time on your webstore, provided promotion date is inserted for discounted products. You can use it to run different types of promotional campaign, such as daily deals, early bird deals, coupon code led discounts and more. With Discount Countdown Timer, you can motivate shoppers to take fast action before deadline.

1. Navigate to Apps, click Add More Apps and install Discount Countdown Timer.

2. Enable the status to display Discount Countdown Timer.

3. Click Save and Clear Cache.

Those discounted products with promotion duration will display Discount Countdown Timer with remaining promotion time.

If you do not wish to show Discount Countdown Timer for certain products due to long term promotion, you can leave promotion date blank from product page.

Then, Unicart will only show the discounted price without Discount Countdown Timer as screenshot below.

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