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How to Add Login with Facebook

Some customers don’t like to fill up registration form in order to place order with you. Facebook Connect enables your customers register and login with their Facebook account on your Unicart store. Adding Facebook Connect makes your customers convenient and skip the process of filling up fields in registration form. Once you activate it, as long as they already login to their Facebook account on their machine, Unicart will auto retrieve their Facebook profile information and register on your Unicart store.

Step 1: Create Facebook App
Step 2: Set up Facebook Connect
Step 3: Test Facebook Connect

Step 1: Create Facebook App

1. Firstly, you have to create a Facebook app from Facebook Developer.

2. Click Create a New App button.

3. Fill in your Store Name in Display Name and Contact Email, and click Create App ID.

4. Choose Facebook Login.

5. Click Web.

6. Key in your domain name in Site URL and Save.

7. Go to Settings menu and choose Basic.

8.  Insert your Unicart domain name in App Domains field.

9. Insert Privacy Policy URL which you can get the URL link from your Unicart store footer.

10. Select the Category of your online business, then Save Changes.

11. Go to App Review, turn on your app to live.

Step 2: Set up Facebook Connect

1. Copy App ID and App Secret from Facebook app.

2. Login to Unicart Admin Panel, navigate to Facebook and choose Facebook Connect.

3. Paste the details, enable the status, click Save and Clear Cache button.

Step 3: Test Facebook Connect

1. Ensure that your computer is login with Facebook user account. 

2. Try to register account with Facebook Login.


Congratulation! Success Facebook Connect will prompt a Facebook window with the Display Name, to request confirmation of receiving Facebook profile information.

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