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Online Revolutors Partner Program is a program that offers the opportunities for the partners to enjoy profits sharing.

Online Revolutors Partner Program allows Online Revolutors (partners) to set their own schedule and earn what they need.

You can click here to do an online registration and attach together with the necessary documents (I/C copy, bank account & statement, etc)


There is no any qualification or education background required in order to join our partner program. However, there will be a compulsory training class session to be attended by every single individual before starting to approach customers.

There are a FREE Partner Program and a Premium Partner which requires a life-time joining fee of RM300.00 that every Online Revolutor (partner) needed to pay in order to join the partner program. However, there will be a 90 days of refundable period (starting from approval date) only if the particular  Online Revolutor (partner) could not close any single sale.

The commission rate for an Online Revolutor Free Partner (ORP) is 15% whereas Online Revolutor Premium Partner (ORPP) is 25%. But, there might have extra incentives awarded specially for Premium Partner with different terms and conditions of every month. Click here to check out the Potential Earnings of Free Partner and Premium Partner.

An Online Revolutor Partner (ORP) and Online Revolutor Premium Partner (ORPP) will be provided with training sessions from time to time when there is a new updated information or product knowledge. The sales kit & other materials can also be acquired by downloading from our Resources & Tools page in our partner’s business centre.

If you have any questions please contact us at +6011-5633-REVO (7386)

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